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Since I was small I've been fascinated by the Droste effect recursive images – I think mum had a shopping bag which had a picture on it of a lady holding a shopping bag, that smaller bag had a picture on it of a lady holding a bag... It hurt my head thinking about it!

This is a paperback design as an alternative version to the 'Still Life' (22nd) edition published by PAN Books in 1972. All 3D modelled in Blender. Goldfinger, James Bond's third film was the agent's sixth outing in print in 1961. The 'Still Life' series published by PAN between 1972 and 1977 had some of the smallest Bond print-runs. Total sales of the Bond titles had fallen from an all-time high of 6.8-million copies sold in the UK in 1965, to only 258,000 in 1971 - the lowest number since 1959.

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